OokySpooky is proud to exclusively offer implant-grade (ASTM-F136) titanium, niobium, and 14ct gold jewellery manufactured in the UK, EU, and USA by Industrial Strength Body Jewellery, Anatometal Body Jewellery, NeoMetal Body Jewellery, Invictus Body Jewellery, Junipurr Body Jewellery, QualiTi Body Jewellery, Implant Grade Body Jewellery, Tish Lyon Jewellery, Apex Handcrafted Body Jewellery, and Ti Couture Body Jewellery.

All initial piercings are fitted with classic implant-grade ASTM-F136 titanium jewellery that meets UKAPP standards. The pieces are either internally threaded or threadless (where applicable, clicker rings and BCRs do not have threading, of course!) in your choice of either unanodised (silver coloured) or anodised colours (subject to availability) from either Industrial Strength Body Jewellery, Anatometal Body Jewellery, or NeoMetal Body Jewellery.

Vesper stocks a large variety of implant-grade ASTM-F136 titanium, niobium, and 14ct gold jewellery in the studio from a variety of luxury body jewellery brands. He is always happy to help you select the perfect piece for your piercing! Prices range from £25 – £450 for rings and £15 – £450 for attachments.

The piercing fee also includes topical anaesthetic (numbing spray) and aftercare for the life of the piercing (availability to answer any questions, etc.).

Vesper only pierces using blade needles, as piercing guns can cause trauma to cartilage due to the nature of the implement and cannula needles are not optimised for piercing. 

Scarification, RFID/NFC implants, subdermal, and transdermal implants require a consultation. A 30% deposit is required for scarification appointments and a deposit to cover the price of the implant(s) is required for all RFID/NFC, transdermal and subdermal implant bookings. The price of the implant varies with size. These deposits are non-refundable.

Please be advised if you are interested in a microdermal implant, transdermal or subdermal implant, Vesper will not put them anywhere near the spine, back of the neck, stomach, shins, or over moving joints for safety reasons.

Body Modification (Available to Clients Aged 18+. Photo ID is required at the time of the appointment.):


Prices vary depending on size and design complexity. Please schedule a consultation for a quote.

Please Enquire or Book a consultation.

Transdermal and Subdermal Implants:

From £450. Please schedule a consultation for exact pricing.

Please Enquire or Book a consultation.

Microdermal Implants:

£50 each, £95 for two

Body Piercing:


Single Lobe (Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds) – £25
Both Lobes (Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds) – £45
Transverse Lobe – £35
Both Transverse Lobes – £65
Scaffold – £65
Multi-Bar – Please contact for a quote, price depends on the number of piercings
Cartilage Punch – £95
Orbital – £65
~ Similar to an industrial piercing, the orbital features two holes connected by one piece of jewellery, but instead of being pierced with a bar, it uses a hoop.
All Other Cartilage – £35
~ Daith, Tragus, Rook, Helix, Forward Helix, Snug, Orbital, Anti-Tragus, Inner Conch, Outer Conch

For curated ear piercings, please contact Vesper to schedule a consultation so you can discuss jewellery and placement prior to the piercing itself.


Nostril – £35
Paired Nostrils – £65
High Nostril – £45
Paired High Nostrils – £85
Forward Nostril (Commonly known as the “Mantis,” Includes Two Piercings) – £90
Septum – £45
Nasallang – £100
Austin – £50
Rhino – £50


Jewelled Barbell – £45
Reverse Navel – £45
Multi-Bar – Please contact for a quote, price depends on the number of piercings

Oral/Mouth (Available to clients aged 16+. Photo ID is required at the time of the appointment.):

Labret (Including Lowbret, Philitrum (Medusa), Ashley, and Monroe) – £40
Vertical Labret (Lower or Jestrum (Upper)) – £50
Vertical Bites (Two) – £95
Bites (Two Hole) – £75
~ Snake Bites, Angel Bites, Cyber Bites, Spider Bites, Viper Bites, Dolphin Bites, Dahlia Bites, Joker Bites
Bites (Three Hole) – £110
~ Triangle Bites
Bites (Four Hole)  – £145
~ Canine Bites, Shark Bites, T-Rex Bites
Tongue – £45
Frenulum (Smiley) – £35
Tongue Venom – £85
Dimples/Cheek – £95

Other Facial and Body:

Bridge – £55
Eyebrow/Surface Piercing – £35
Corset: £35 per piercing

Nipples (Available to clients aged 18+. Photo ID is required at the time of the appointment.):

Ladies: £35 each, £65 pair
Gentlemen: £30 each, £55 pair

Genital (Available to clients aged 21+. Photo ID is required at the time of the appointment.):

Please Enquire or Book a consultation. Prices start from £120.

For all genital piercings, I require a consultation prior to the piercing being performed. This is to discuss what you would like to achieve with the desired piercing (sexual stimulation for yourself, your partner, or both, aesthetic goals, etc.), anatomical suitability for the desired piercing, and if jewellery needs to be ordered in it gives me the opportunity to measure for the piece. Many piercings can be performed during the same appointment, but some piercings will require jewellery to be ordered in and a secondary appointment will need to be made.

Genital piercings include a jewellery downsize and a can of isotonic sterile saline spray for aftercare. Please note that jewellery downsizes are included for genital piercings. The new basic jewellery (if an attachment has been purchased, the new bar or post will be used with the attachment you’ve bought) is included but there is a fee of £5 to secure the appointment which covers sanitising/sterilisation materials and PPE (personal protective equipment).

Jewellery Changes and Check-Ups:

Jewellery Purchase and Install – £10
~ An appointment to purchase jewellery and have it fitted and installed in an existing piercing. The £10 deposit is applied toward any jewellery purchase made.
Piercing Check-Up – £5
~ This is ONLY a check-up to ask any questions about an existing piercing if you need to see me in person. You can also use this time to ask any questions about existing piercings that were performed elsewhere if you have questions or concerns.
Jewellery Removal – £5
~ If you are having problems removing a piece of jewellery, Vesper will remove it for you. This is an appointment for jewellery removal only – please remember that there is no guarantee that a piercing without jewellery in it will remain open for an extended period of time! To purchase and have a new piece of jewellery installed, please select the “Jewellery Purchase and Install” appointment option.
Emergency Appointment – £10
~ Emergency Appointments are for clients to need to book in with Vesper for an URGENT check-up. If a repiercing is required, the full piercing fee will be incurred. These appointment types are only to be made with pre-approval with Vesper so cannot be made via the booking system and must be manually entered. To book one of these appointments please contact the OokySpooky Facebook page at http://facebook.com/OokySpooky or email Vesper at vesper@ookyspooky.uk